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DJ Smith Buyers Support Service is designed for International and Interstate visitors who are new to the Cairns property market. We help you to quickly become more informed before you make important decisions in purchasing property. With anticipation of a high population growth rate, an abundance of natural beauty, tropical climate and a world-class International airport, Cairns is an exciting place to live and invest, right at the doorstep of booming Asia. However, for those not familiar in the regions real estate trends in pricing and market options, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. Our service is to help you find the right location as well as guiding you in the knowledge of market prices. We can also negotiate and strategically buy property on your behalf with our buyers’ agent service.

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What we can do for you

Free Market Briefing
This is conducted by way of a scheduled appointment lasting 30min to 1hr. We discuss your requirements and offer constructive recommendations that may help you find the right property either now or in the future

Suburb Tour & Strategic Report
We drive you on a tour of possible locations to buy. Tailored to suit your requirements from the south of Edmonton to as far as the Northern beaches of Palm Cove. Stopping for a chat and coffee this usually takes approx.2 to 3 hrs. After reflecting on your observations we then provide a conclusive report of what maybe suitable options and possibilities, emailed to you within 48hrs.
Maximum 3 people per tour
Charge: $330 AU (incl. GST)

Once you have engaged our service you are free to venture into the market place at your own will with no obligation to DJ Smith Property.

We can also arrange a selection of properties to inspect at no charge using our network of local agents.

Buyers Agent
If you wish to employ us to strategically target a property or properties to purchase, help in negotiation of price and contract management until settlement we charge an initial fee of $300 plus 1.25% of the Purchase price.

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Client’s testimonial

I truly appreciate Miho and Darcy who assisted me to purchase a lovely unit in Cairns. As a buyer’s agent, they bid at auction on behalf of me. Though I was in Japan on the auction day, they communicated with me very closely all through the auction and understood what I wanted, and then succeeded to buy the unit for me.

It was a few years ago when I met Miho first time in Cairns. I was dreaming to own a property in Cairns, where I liked its layback life style and the location which is close to Asia including Japan. She showed me some units in a professional manner, but I couldn’t make a decision at the time.

The unit I have just purchased was in the complex Miho had shown me originally back then. She remembered my taste and gave me the proper information at the right time. Besides Miho’s caring customer service, Darcy’s powerful negotiation skill is DJ Smith Property’s strength. I believe their perfect teamwork is the reason why I have obtained this unit at favourable price. Now the unit is rented by DJ Smith Property and I am very comfortable to let them manage my unit. If you think to buy a property in Cairns, why don’t you ask DJ Smith Property?

YF (Tokyo)

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