Selling Your Home

Getting the right agent to do the job
The job of the sales agent is to extract the highest price from a buyer or buyers for the home. Anyone can sell a house, but it’s at what price, that makes choosing an agent very important. Our sales agents are trained to negotiate on behalf of the seller (client) for that highest possible price. We are happy to arrange an appointment to discuss all the details in what’s needed to get your home sold at a great price.
Why a boutique agency delivers more
Service is easy to say and hard to deliver. Often larger agencies end up treating you like a number, pressure you into making bad decisions and generally not looking after your best interests. Selling your home with a smaller boutique agency can focus on selling your house in a controlled, professional, business like fashion, while providing administration expertise in executing the legal details of the sale. DJ Smith Property is such an agency.
Tips for a successful sale
A). Make the home look great.
The way we live in a home is different to the way we present a home for sale. Being lazy about stylising a home usually costs the vendor money. The best presentation is going to equal the best price. Prior to sale, talk with the agent about what work needs to take place in making the home look great.
B). Start with the right price.
The home is judged and compared with other homes in the market on the price. If you’re Price is too high, the buyers will go elsewhere. However, if the pricing is spot on, you will bring more buyers to the property, potentially competing for ownership. This helps drive up the sale price . A serious and rational conversation needs to take place between you and the agent to decide the marketing price.
C). Use marketing wisely.
Marketing delivers buyers to the door. Out of every ten buyers who look, maybe only one will find the property suitable. One buyer is all you need to get the house sold, but two or three buyers are needed to competitively drive up the sale price. Putting a marketing budget in place is important.